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Clarity, Courage, and Inspired Action - The 3 Keys to Living Your Top Life

  • Verity Credit Union 11027 Meridian Avenue North #102 Seattle, WA, 98133 United States (map)

Spend a day focused on you, and transform the rest of your life.  Keys to Clarity, Courage and Inspired Living will take you from where you are today to a tomorrow you will be excited to experience!

As a chiropractor, Dr. Morgan has learned over the last 14 years that a healthy spine is important, but it does not always equal a happy human being.  His passion for empowering his patients on every level has led him on a quest for the tools necessary to take them to a deeper level of health and wellness. Dr. Morgan’s framework of clarity, courage, and inspired action will help you see the areas of your life that might be holding you back and empower you to the health and happiness you deserve.  

We know what it looks like when someone doesn’t have clarity about who they are or where they are going. When they aren’t taking courageous action towards their life dreams. When daily actions can only lead to burnout. All of these behaviors take people away from health and happiness, and it’s totally unnecessary. 

Dr. Morgan will share the best of what knows as a doctor, healer, shamanic practitioner, high performance coach, and student of life. Take aways include: 
- Daily habits for deeper levels of clarity - when you’re clear, the answers and the next step are easy!
- Courageous living guidelines - let go of what holds you back and access the wisdom of the world’s top performers to live into your best life.
- Simple tips to increase your energy and vitality - create an excess of the right energy and you improve productivity at work, vibrancy and connection at home, and a healthier life.
- Life hacks to improve productivity and a positive mindset.

By the end of the session each participant will have a clear path forward with the tools necessary to support not only their health and happiness, but their ability to live a vibrant, energized life!