Who is she.png
  • She makes over 80% of the consumer purchase decisions in the U.S.

  • She controls over $7 trillion in consumer spending.

  • She starts a business at a higher rate than men.

  • She is more educated than ever before.

  • She volunteers at her children’s school, even with a full-time job.

  • She knows the idea of work/life balance is just a myth.

  • She donates her time and money to charities she’s passionate about.

  • She speaks up, although many would prefer she kept quiet.

  • She loves and leads, mentors and marches; and still finds time to read a bedtime story.

  • She believes in the power of community.

  • She makes a thousand decisions a day.

  • She is powerful.

  • SHE is YOU.

We cannot wait
for other people
to give us permission
to decide what is possible.
— Kamala Harris
Every time
you spend money,
you’re casting a vote
for the kind of world you want.